www.hhesse.de is an internet community of Hermann Hesse enthusiasts. We also welcome those who have not yet read any of Hesse’s works as well as those whose schoolwork requires that they become familiar with the world’s most widely read German-language author.

mutual exchange of thoughts and experiences is our objective here, for only through such an exchange can a community arise and new ideas be born. As a symbol of our shared interest and in the spirit of Hesse’s book „The Journey to the East“ our League of Journeyers to the East will bring us together in a virtual association.

The „Autorentreff“ area is our lyrical corner, in which each may contribute to our common well-being. Whether poem, short prose, or something of one’s own design, everything is welcome and open to the responses of others.

As a source of information we have the Hesse-Infos. Here you will find an overview of Hesse’s works alongside insights into them, a selection of poems, essays, and pictures, information on Calw, and much more.

Your feedback and eventual contributions are always welcome. Under „Kontakt“ you can find the appropriate place to send them.

In Hesse’s own words: „So that the possible may arise, the impossible must always be attempted.“ I hope that you find here some enjoyment and peace in your hectic (internet) day.

To contact us, please use the contact form.

Timo (webmaster) &
Rich (consultant)