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Hermann Hesse Poems at hhesse.de

Among Hermann Hesse’s best-known poems is, of course, “Steps” with probably Hesse’s most popular quote “A magic dwells in each beginning”.

Here is a list of all poems you can find on hhesse.de:

Quotes about Hesse’s poems

“Hesse’s poems are thoughts and mood at the same time; one could call them a mental mood poetry. In the beginning, the gaze remains directed inwards, into the abysses of the individual, later it is directed towards history, towards life in overarching contexts.” 1

“Hesse’s poetry experiences folksong-like intimacy and lonely, dreamy melancholy. Experienced wisdom often binds itself to confessions and sayings. The symbolic language of the poem of experience, the form of reflective lyrical meditation refer back to classical-romantic tradition.” 2

1 from: Hans Gerd Rötzer, Geschichte der deutschen Literatur, C.C. Buchners Verlag, s. 296
2 from: Fritz Martini, Deutsche Literaturgeschichte, Alfred Körner Verlag, s. 530.

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